Cormier, Shaun


Education: LL.M Comparative and International Law (University of Lapland)
Email: cormiers_1 (at)

Researcher Shaun Cormier is a member of the HuSArctic Project under the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority law (NIEM) at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland. The HuSArctic project uses human security as a promotional tool for societal security in the Arctic, mainly focused on the Barents Region. Under HuSArctic, Shaun will be assessing the legal and policy tools governing food security in the Barents Region and formulate it into a report. Food security became of primary interest for Shaun after founding a food redistribution project at the University of Northern British Columbia in 2014.

His background is in international and northern studies from the University of Northern British Columbia, which has focused on global and international issues such as sustainability, business development, governance, in relation to the Arctic.
His primary work and research interests are in food security, human security, sustainable development, business development and Indigenous Peoples in the circumpolar regions.

Recent Publications:

Masters Thesis: Cormier, Shaun. “Enhancing Indigenous Food Security in the Arctic: Through Law, Policy, and the Arctic Council.” University of Lapland Press. 2016.