Allemann, Lukas

Lukas_Allemann_web.jpg Researcher, M.A., PhD student
Sustainable Development Research GroupAnthropology Research Team

tel. +358 (0)40 484 4418, (4418)
E-mail: Lukas.Allemann(at)

Postal address:
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
PL 122, FIN-96101 Rovaniemi, Finland

Lukas holds a Master’s degree from the University of Basel (Switzerland) in Eastern European History and Russian Language and Literature. During his studies Lukas specialised in oral history, and his Master’s thesis is an oral history-based inquiry into the change of the life conditions of the Sámi living on the Kola Peninsula during the 20th century. After his graduation Lukas worked as an Embassy translator and interpreter in Moscow.

Lukas joined the ORHELIA Project in spring 2013. He specialises on the Kola Peninsula field site, and within this project he plans to complete an article-based PhD Thesis.

Research topics and interests

  • Forced resettlements on the Kola Peninsula, their perception by the Sámi and social consequences
  • The acceptance of new self-identification models among Kola Sámi offered by the Sámi from Nordic countries
  • Life conditions of Jewish emigrants from the former USSR in their former home country
  • Oral history methodology; the difference between experienced vs. narrated life stories; memory as a giver of meaning and identity


  • 2013 Russian as a Foreign Language Certificate (TRKI-4=highest level, C2), Moscow State Lomonosov University
  • 2006-2009 Master of Arts in Eastern European History and Slavic Studies at the University of Basel, Switzerland
  • 2003-2006 Bachelor of Arts in Russian Language and Literature and General History at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  • 2001-2002 Courses of Russian Language and History at Murmansk Pedagogical University, Murmansk, Russia

Academic employment

  • Feb-Jun 2008 Tutor at the Slavonic Seminar of the University of Basel, teaching of Old Slavonic Language
  • Feb-Jun Supporting assistant and tutor at the Institute for Slavonic Languages and Literature of the University of Bern, teaching Old Slavonic Language
  • Oct 2001-Jun 2002 Teacher of German language at the Murmansk Pedagogical University, Murmansk, Russia

Field work

  • Summer 2008: Kola Peninsula, field work with Sámi elders, biographical interviews for Master’s thesis research
  • Summer 2007: volunteer work in Kyrgyzstan for the Central Asia Mountain Partnership (development cooperation programme financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC) within a development cooperation training for students of the University of Basel (Switzerland)
  • Spring 2007: oral history interviews within the Jewish community of Lörrach (Germany) for the Oral History Project “Jüdische Lebenswelten in der Sowjetunion“ (“Jewish life worlds in the Soviet Union”), University of Basel, supervised by Professor Heiko Haumann


  • The Sámi of the Kola Peninsula. About the life of an ethnic minority in the Soviet Union, Tromso 2013,  (English edition of the book “Die Samen der Kola-Halbinsel”)
  • Saamy kol`skogo poluostrova. O žizni etničeskogo men`šinstva v sovetskom sojuze. Novye perspektivy čerez biografičeskie intervju, in: Referativnyj Žurnal, Istorija, RAN INION (3) 2012, 198-203.
  • Die Samen der Kola-Halbinsel. Über das Leben einer ethnischen Minderheit in der Sowjetunion, Frankfurt a.M. [etc.] 2010, 130 pages (Series: Menschen und Strukturen. Historisch-sozialwissenschaftliche Studien, Vol. 18, ed. by Heiko Haumann).